1. Stamina 7000 Black
As its name suggests, the Stamina 7000 Series chair is closely related to the Stamina 3000 Series chair, but features a distinctive saddle seat.  The shape of the saddle seat helps to keep users securely seated, which is especially helpful when slick cleanroom apparel are worn.  The seat also allows users easier access to footrings used in the bench height models.
The Stamina 7000 also features all of the ergonomic comfort and adjustability of the Stamina 3000, including its back height, seat height, back angle, and seat angle.  Combined with all of the standard options in upholstery, arms/armpads, seat heights, back heights and Cleanroom and/or ESD packages, the Stamina 7000 is the optimal choice for those needing added ergonomic stability in their seating solutions.
Ergonomic Adjustments: 
  • Back Height: easily adjusted by loosening the right hand knob, raising or lowering back and re-tightening. Lumbar support is built in.
  • Seat Height: adjusted with the right front lever that controls the pneumatic lift.
  • Back Angle: independently adjusted with the right rear lever. Can be locked in any position.
  • Seat Angle: adjusted with left rear lever. Can be locked in any position.
Heavy-duty, polished aluminum or black powder coated base.
Fully upholstered seats and backs
Adjustable 20" footring: chrome plated (on bench height)
Fabrics and vinyls meet requirements of TB117-2013
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Back Height:  Multiple back heights available
Seat Height:  Multiple height ranges are available.
Control:  Back Tilt or Independent Tilt
Choice of upholstery, arms, armpads, casters/glides
ESD and/or Cleanroom packages
Chair Options